Our Fairy Tale Wedding

In honor of our first wedding anniversary, today I’m sharing details from our amazing day. We got married on July 23, 2016 at my dad and step mom’s house. It was so special to me that my parents were willing to have the wedding at their house because I grew up there, and Oren and I actually had prom pictures taken in the yard in 2007.

miss you a little (1)

The house sits on a beautiful piece of property that backs up to a view of the lake. There’s also a barn and three horses. My great uncle Ray built the house in 1972 and my dad and step mom bought it from him in 2004.


The ceremony was held out in the back field which is completely open. My dad even cut a trail through the woods so that me and all my bridesmaids were able to sneak back there without anyone seeing us. My sister Harleigh drove all the girls through the woods on a golf cart:

tessa-oren-full-wedding-173.jpg^ Definitely a job for no one else but the maid of honor 🙂

Walking out of the woods and into this beautiful ceremony was a moment that I’ll never forget. All of you girls that have ever planned a wedding know how much time and thought goes into every detail. Seeing it all come together in that moment made every single second and dollar spent over that past year 100% worth it. We also got so lucky that the weather was picture perfect that day.

tessa-oren-full-wedding-165tessa-oren-full-wedding-166^ These hay bales of course came from the barn, and we used unbleached muslin fabric on top. You can purchase it here from Michael’s.

tessa-oren-full-wedding-221tessa-oren-full-wedding-232tessa-oren-full-wedding-227.jpgtessa-oren-full-wedding-239.jpgtessa-oren-full-wedding-272.jpg^ Wiping back his tears. So sweet, I love this haha

tessa-oren-full-wedding-253.jpgtessa-oren-full-wedding-286.jpg^ We made this arbor ourselves out of branches we found in the woods. It’s still standing in this exact spot today!

Our photographer Andy Buscemi was absolutely amazing. He made us feel so comfortable and at ease through the whole process. It was a beautiful day, but extremely hot and I remember thinking during the post ceremony photos: “I’m going to look like a sweaty pig” but he is a miracle worker and all of the pictures are just stunning.


Now of course we have to talk about the most important part…the dress! I originally wanted a long sleeved dress but after we decided to have the wedding outside in July, I knew that was out of the question. I tried on all different styles of dresses because after that dress that I had pictured in my head for years was not a possibility, I was completely lost and overwhelmed. The girls at Silk Bridal were so helpful and worked with me until I found my dream dress. The dress is by Essence of Australia. I love how classic and simple it is.


Hair was done by Jack and Pat at Envy Salon. They did hair for not only for myself, but all 8 bridesmaids, the moms and Oren’s Aunt. They are THE BEST. My flower crown is from this shop, and my veil is from this shop, both on Etsy.


Both styles of the bridesmaids dresses are B2 by Jasmine. The high neck dress and the one shoulder dress alternate between colors “Taupe” and “Misty Pink”, and Harleigh’s Maid of Honor dress is in the color “Sweet Pea”. I love how the neutral colors went the rustic/woodsy theme and feel of the wedding. The bouquets were done by Genesee Valley Florist. I love how they turned out.

tessa-oren-full-wedding-374.jpg^ My sister Leah on the left though 😀

tessa-oren-full-wedding-371tessa-oren-full-wedding-376.jpgtessa-oren-full-wedding-378^ Epic Fail

The Groom/Groomsmen suits are from Bachrach. We found them online and ordered them which was super easy. They ended up fitting so nicely. We had been looking for this color blue everywhere. We found the ties on Etsy from this shop. They sent us a couple swatch colors so that we could match them to the “Misty Pink” color dresses.


We have such a great group of friends. They made this whole experience so fun and memorable. We are beyond grateful for all of you.


The reception was held under a tent in the backyard. Partyman Catering provided all of the rental equipment as well as the food. They did such an amazing job and were so great to work with. I made a lot of changes and had a lot of questions through the process and they worked with me every step of the way.

tessa-oren-full-wedding-158tessa-oren-full-wedding-352tessa-oren-full-wedding-162tessa-oren-full-wedding-159^ My step mom put the centerpieces together. I love them so much, I have one displayed in my house now 🙂 Thank you Beth!!

tessa-oren-full-wedding-353.jpgtessa-oren-full-wedding-424.jpgtessa-oren-full-wedding-736.jpgtessa-oren-full-wedding-710tessa-oren-full-wedding-452.jpg^ My brother Mason


Instead of a traditional wedding cake, we decided to do cupcakes and cake pops with just a small cake for cutting, all made by The Cake Place. OMG you guys, their desserts are sooooo good. I have never had a cake pop so moist in my life! They were the talk of the wedding. I will go there from now on for any event I need to bring food to. Any excuse to get those cake pops again. Oh, and my dad made the cupcake stand. Seriously, what would I do without him?

tessa-oren-full-wedding-592tessa-oren-full-wedding-593^ We had to get some Dave Matthews Band in there somewhere


At sunset, we released lanterns into the sky from inside the horse corral. It was so beautiful.


A couple of my favorite moments from later on in the night:

tessa-oren-full-wedding-795tessa-oren-full-wedding-793.jpg^ One of the greatest photos of all time

tessa-oren-full-wedding-800tessa-oren-full-wedding-807tessa-oren-full-wedding-818tessa-oren-full-wedding-824^ I love how all the girls try desperately to catch the bouquet and the guys try not to touch the garter haha

We are forever grateful to all of our friends and family who helped make our wedding so special, and to my dad and step mom for all of the hard work they did for months to prepare for this day.



After a year of marriage, not much has changed. We continue to learn more about each other every day and grow in our relationship. Oren – I am so thankful for you and our life together. I love you to the moon ❤


I hope you all have a great weekend, and I will link all product details again below. Thanks so much for reading!

Unbleached Muslin Material | Andy Buscemi Photography | Wedding Dress | Veil | Flower Crown | Hair Stylists | High Neck Bridesmaid Dress | One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress | Genesee Valley Florist | Groom/Groomsmen Suits | Ties | Partyman Catering | The Cake Place

2 thoughts on “Our Fairy Tale Wedding

  1. This suite of photos is simply magical!
    Your wedding looked incredible! And I adore all your choices from your desert spread, to your shoes and dress and bridesmaid dresses! Thank you for sharing! And congrats to a year! Whoop whoop!

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