Floral and Lace


This past weekend I went to a baby shower for my friends Sarah and Greg. It was the first shower I went to where guys were invited too and it was awesome! They are having a baby girl so I wanted to wear something with very feminine colors.

I have to admit, although Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores I almost always order online because I get too overwhelmed when I go inside. Well, as per usual, I waited until the last minute and didn’t have time to order online (not even on Amazon!). Luckily this dress jumped right out at me. The pink and purple colors, the floral print, the lace, it was all perfect. I absolutely LOVE the lace overlay. The lining ends at the upper thigh and giving it an edgy yet classy look. It was a bit chilly with the wind, so I brought a denim jacket too. Also, I’m pretty sure I randomly found these sunglasses in an old purse and I have no idea where they are from. LOL. I’ll link similar styles below.

I hope you guys enjoy this look! I’m working on a couple more posts to get up before we leave for vacation next weekend so stay tuned. Thanks so much for reading!








Maxi Dress: HERE

Shoes: HERE

Sunnies (old) Similar: HERE and HERE

Bracelets: HERE, HERE and HERE

Hair Extensions: HERE

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